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Christine Claro's Cancer Crusade

Christine Claro family portrait

Support Christine Claro's

Crusade Against Cancer

We are donating $1.00 for every single tire sold to Christine and her family for help with cancer-related medical and drug expenses.

Another way you can help support Christine is by donating is through the GoFundMe Fundraiser. Please find it in your heart to donate anything you can for her family.

We appreciate it,

The Tires 13 Family

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Christine's Story

From the GoFundMe fundraiser:

"My sister Christine gave birth to her second child, a beautiful but more importantly, healthy baby girl on September 12, 2018. Her dreams had come true. She now has a son and a daughter but the joy was short lived. Christine had to have a chest x-ray the day after giving birth because of a cough she had developed during her second trimester. The x-ray had to be followed by a scan and then a biopsy. Her dream quickly turned into a nightmare. The doctors told her she had Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. The breast cancer that she had in 2010 and thought she beat had spread to new areas in her body. She had this confirmed with a second doctor at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where she is now receiving treatment. My sister and brother-in-law should be celebrating this time in their lives but are instead trying to figure out how to deal with the obstacles that they are now facing. Time that should be spent with their newborn baby and young son is instead spent fighting with the insurance company to get the cost of the medications down. These medications are necessary to save her and she will need to take a variety of medications for the rest of her life. This is the first of many battles that are to come. My sister is the strongest woman that I know and she does not ask for help so I will do it for her because she really needs it. Please help my sister and her family in their battle by making a donation. Any amount that you can give would be greatly appreciated."

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